Improving the game monetization model using insights from market research

EQUESTRIS offers services that allow you to identify the best monetization system for your game and optimize monetization throughout the gaming experience. With specially tailored research, we get insights that show us how your target audience reacts to the offered models of monetization. By testing the various offers and bundles within the game, we can determine exactly which of these packages will be most attractive to players, thus the most profitable for you.

By providing properly set opportunities for benefits, we increase the level of satisfaction of the gaming experience, which makes the game overall experience attractive to a larger number of players. Also, analytical systems for monitoring the used forms of monetization determine the possibilities of optimization to achieve the best results even after the initial launch of the game on the market.

Market analysis precisely determines the desired type of in-game consumers who invest more time and money. It also determines their characteristics and drivers of consumption. Using insights from message testing and implementing the Winning Narrative can empirically determine the approach and communication messages that will provide the best results and resonate with your target audience. Such analyses point to the best title, game description, accompanying texts, the icon for web shops and all other tested elements, in order to have the best audience reach.

Given the diverse content that can be advertised and offered within a game, we identify the form of content (photos, video ads, texts, interactive ads, banners, etc.) that will be best for achieving the desired goal.

If your game development model requires sponsorship or additional funding, special research and a structured approach will identify key stakeholders and create a strategy to approach sponsors who will support your initiative, open access to a larger market and make your game more attractive to more players.