Types of Research

In addition to conducting traditional marketing and public opinion research, we at EQUESTRIS-u provide you with specialised types of research, for instance:


Testing Messages and the Winning Narrative enables us to empirically answer key questions like what, to whom and in what way to communicate, who should communicate, and through which channels, to achieve a desired goal.

To validate these empirical findings, we often use several analytical methods, like the Total Message Score (TMS), MaxDiff, as well as TURF analysis.


The aim of concept testing is to see how the target audience accepts a new product idea; that being, what the actual potential of a new product or service is. This type of research offers insight into the potential of novelty ideas. It also provides guidelines for improving and adjusting the concept itself, so that the product or service achieves maximum success.


Analysing customer satisfaction for a given product or service identifies crucial points for optimizing your customer service. It also improves your products on the market. Analysing and determining customer satisfaction drivers allow us to design prediction models for product usage and purchase, as well as locate the key stages within the selling process, crucial for creating and maintaining customer satisfaction. drivera zadovoljstva izrađuju se predikcijski modeli korištenja usluge i potrošnje te se lociraju faze unutar prodajnog procesa koje su ključne za stvaranje i održavanje zadovoljstva korisnika.

In researching the customer’s experience, we adapt to the specific needs of our clients, focusing on the challenges they face. Using the most advanced technology, we are able to analyse the customer’s experience in real time during each stage of the buyer’s journey.

By creating uniquely tailored questionnaires – all in accordance with GDPR – we are fully able to gain insight about the various customer profiles; we can perform segmentation for the customer population; determine the purchase drivers; correlate the main parameters of customer (dis-)satisfaction with data on actual purchases to design actual prediction models of behaviour and expenditure.drivere) potrošnje, glavne dimenzije zadovoljstva i nezadovoljstva korisnika korelirane s podacima stvarne potrošnje te time izraditi konkretne predikcijske modele ponašanja i potrošnje.

Besides thoroughly and completely understanding the customer population, our advanced analysis and real time data interpretation allow you to react swiftly and to find the answer to any issue related to your customer’s experience or your offer catalogue or expenditure. Therefore, we can offer our clients immediate insight into the effects of their products and services, while providing a real time reaction to potential dissatisfied customers. Our system can also perform experimental testing on your business decisions, providing you with instant feedback on their success rate.


Marketing campaigns are often large investments regarding budget and organisational scale, so it is important to test this creative effort.

Researching the market pre-campaign and the market post-campaign, we can gain insight into the actual achievements of marketing agencies. From this, we can create guidelines for optimisation and future use of marketing messages to achieve your communication goal.


Knowing your target audience is the basis of any successful business that. It allows you to get to know their needs and perceptions. These are key parameters for any business process. They allow you to target your products, services and communication in the best possible way.

Segmentation of the target audience allows you to better understand both your current and potential customers’ profile. Understanding the profile of your target audience directs your approach to consider the specific needs of your customers. It also allows your products and services to be precisely what your target audience wants.


What service package to offer? To whom? At what optimal price? By employing appropriate statistical methods and analyses, we can give you the answer and create the most impactful offer. Besides, considering how varied the needs of your customers are, it is important to recognise patterns and the needs of your customers. This helps you personalise what you offer them, so the customer may get precisely what they need.

We always strive to be our clients’ partners, offering them as much as we can to boost their business growth. We send our clients the collected research data in the form of interactive visualisation, to help them use the results easily, fully and completely.

Interactive visual content allows for thorough analyses that are easy to read and to use. With our EQUESTRIS support, all visualizations are adapted to our clients’ to answer their specific questions.

Various departments within an organization have their own distinct needs regarding research results. These interactive visualizations are tailored to specific stakeholders in an organization. This way, the research results let everybody get the answers they find necessary.