[BLOG] Importance of Inbound strategy based website

Modern business and the market give birth to new challenges, opportunities, and trends every day. If your company aims at profitable business growth, you may want to learn more about the Inbound methodology which has evolved significantly during the last few years. Inbound is a business strategy that is based on the philosophy that places the needs and challenges of your customers at the center of your business venture, including all the ways you can help them. In order for your business to grow, you need a website that is based on the Inbound strategy. Attracting visitors to your website is desirable, but not enough. It is necessary to continuously provide help and support and encourage them to interact with you, even after they have made a purchase or desired action.

In order for your business to grow, you need a website that is based on the Inbound strategy. Attracting visitors to your website is desirable, but not enough. It is necessary to continuously provide help and support and encourage them to interact with you, even after they have made a purchase or desired action. In order to “build” a web site that will be your business front door and enables you to attract new customers, you need to understand the key idea of Inbounda.

“This entire process consists of three phases:


During the first phase, it is necessary to focus on attracting potential buyers and customers through relevant, useful, and instructive content, displaying your value to the customer at the very start of their journey. Write and publish blogs and video content on social media, but also create ads to raise awareness about your brand. By creating relevant content, you attract the precise customers you would want, as close to the so‑called Buyer Persona as possible.

In the second phase, you face the moment when potential buyers and customers complete their desired actions, i.e. reading your blog, downloading instructive materials, filling out a contact sheet or questionnaire, or communicating with customer service through the chatbot During the Engage phase, a relationship is formed where it is crucial that you become the customer’s trusted source of information. The most important, valuable aspect of this phase is your customer’s data, which they are willing to trade in exchange for relevant content.

The last phase is focused on providing an exceptional experience for a potential customer each time they interact with your company. When you become their trusted adviser and support system, you also become their source of knowledge and information. As a trusted source, they will be ready to recommend you to their friends, parents, and acquaintances.

“Quality and educational content presented in the right way is the greatest strength of your website.”

Continuously publishing new, relevant content with keywords related to your business increases your SEO and achieves better results on search engines. Such content includes blogs, e-books, webinare, infographics and Pillar Pages. By writing and publishing blogs that are relevant to your business, services and products, you create trust with your users and ensure their return to your website. With the ebook download service, you open the possibility of obtaining information about your users, which helps you create your own database and get in touch with them on a personal level. If you want to become an even more relevant educational source of information, give your users the opportunity to participate in webinarima based on your own educational content and production. With each webinare submission, you build your database.

A converged, relevant and informative content that you provide to your users through a blog, website, or social media is called Topic Clusters, while Pillar Page is defined as a website that deeply covers a broad topic and is linked to form a related content Cluster .

Search engines have become more relevant for the search query. Relevant and related content is the bridge that connects the SEO and the Pillar Page. If you want to contribute to the traffic on your website, or you wish that potential buyers execute certain actions of conversion, you need to pay attention to the SEO and the Pillar Page connection. This will greatly help you organize the structure of your website according to the ways individuals search for information. This way you enable your visitors to find answers to their questions faster and easier and move on to related content.

“In order for a website to have good reach on Google or other search engines, it must definitely have links to its own or some external content.”

A relevant topic within Pillar Pages is Link Building. Links are responsible for website popularity on search engines. The more other sites put you as references, the more your authority on Google grows. If you use links to your own pages, you open the possibility of increasing conversions, and achieving the set goals. Also, the content you write will have a better effect if you encourage visitors to take action through it. If you want to be educational, but at the same time achieve certain conversions, use the CTA or Call to Action (“call to action”) to encourage visitors to take the next desired step on your website. This step can be downloading your ebook, research, infographics, making an appointment or a direct invitation to purchase. You can also use the CTA button to get a visitor to visit another site or link that is relevant to you.

“If you want to go a step further, you can also combine several types of forms on your website.”

Every website based on the Inboundstrategy should contain forms. Webforms are one way to gather information and data about your visitors. With the development of digital marketing, various types of forms have developed, so you can use “traditional” forms for data collection or pop-up forme, chatbots, live chat, quizzes, surveys. Some of them are only for data collection, some for customer support purposes, while some are for the purpose of evaluating your web site or measuring NPS (Net Promoter Score), i.e. customer experience.

By implementing the  Inbound filozofije philosophy into your marketing principles, when interacting with a customer, you aim to become their primary source of knowledge, advice and information. Practicing Inbound will enable you to create an experience that makes your customers feel appreciated and valued. You will create an excellent customer experience while improving the growth and prosperity of your business!