Advocacy and Public Policy

Identify the stakeholders who will help you find a common solution for your business!

Advocating that leads to sustainable and positive change in business!

If you have ever felt concerned about the potential impact regulatory changes or new public policy might have on your business, and you wonder how you might protect your business interests while actively preventing such great challenges, then you need quality advocacy that is systematic and structured.

Successful advocacy that brings you strategic partners for your business and communication challenges!

Advocacy as a strategic process!

Advocacy includes various strategies and methods for influencing public policy. It needs to be participative and to be performed in the best interest of all stakeholders.


Damir Matijević General Manager BU Croatia, South-East Europe HESPO d.o.o., Hilding Anders Group

The partner relationship with EQUESTRIS allows us to continually track the impact of our brands in South East Europe, as well as customer feedback. Sandro Baričević and his team have years of experience in brand management, designing brand architecture and creating prediction models for customer behaviour. This is why, when we discuss strategy and marketing, EQUESTRIS is our very much needed partner.

Marko Perković Director at Confutura

By implementing EQUESTRIS’ Customer Experience (CX) tracking system we’ve acquired valuable insight for optimising the way we do business. The information we receive daily in real time has allowed us to be uniquely in touch with the needs, desires and challenges our users face, thus increasing their satisfaction.

Marina Šimanović Executive Director at HURID

With their well above average level of professionalism and innovativeness, working with EQUESTRIS was marked both by empathy as well as recognizing our very specific needs. EQUESTRIS has introduced us to the newest methods of effective research based public relations, all the while understanding what we wished to achieve, which is why measurable results soon became apparent.

Marija Mažić Country Manager Hrvatska, Reach for Change

Sandro, Koraljka and the whole EQUESTRIS team have proven themselves as an extremely valuable partner throughout our cooperation. With their highly motivated, timely and admirably organized approach they bring to every single aspect of a project, they have elevated the way we do business to a whole new level.

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