[BLOG] The Narrative. Period.

A rare good thing about a long-term international communications and public affairs career is the benefit of balanced reflection. The simple discipline of regularly stepping back to determine what worked and what was a learning experience.

At the inception of EQUESTRIS we stood back to be clear about our basic principles.
They are simple.

We will work for you, deliver for you, grow with you and make you successful by embedding key insights and empirical data into your strategies and actions.

Success lies in clear purposeful story, well and timely told!

Our core method is evidence-based narrative. The story you want and need to tell. To whom. The when, where and how. Each decision backed by valid data and insights. Which is how we measure our success too.


Because it’s the right thing to do now success is measurable through metrics. This is what we realised in those numerous moments of reflections. This is what we learned through all of our successful and less successful experiences with our clients over the years. Success is shared. And success lies in clear purposeful story, well and timely told. Success is measureable.

Narrative — your insight-led story and messaging — is the key enabler to move any metric, be it Trust, Reputation, Permissibility, etc. And guess what, metrics need to be insight-led too.

We love what we do, we love insights, we love narratives. Everything you do is telling a story. The moment you realise and reflect that, is one of the most useful business moments of life.

So, let us help build and deliver your story. So you love telling it, because telling it gets results.


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